Q1. What is JUMPN?
A: JUMPN is a web 3.0 lifestyle app that implements the jump-to-earn concept. JUMPN is designed to bring happiness back to people through three dimensions: social connections,physical health, and, most importantly, income. Users of JUMPN will gain a high return of $JST through 'Jumping.' There are several modes, including solo mode, clubbing mode, andextreme sports mode, which contain different rewards levels.
Q2. How does JUMPN work?
A: Users Jump into a different mode with an NFT wristband or NFT stamps to earn JST. Users can choose to trade JST/JET to BNB.
Q3. Where can I buy NFT JUMPN?
A: From the JUMPN app marketplace. Alternatively, you can trade NFT at Opensea.
Q4. Do you have NFT Airdrop?
A: We do have Airdrop to giveaway during our community event. Following all of the information on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, join our Airdrop bot and sign up!
Q5. What is JST?
A: JST is held by the user to trade and sell, JST is the governance token of JUMPN, and the user polls governance by JST.
Q6. What is JET?
A: JET is used to burn by user playing mode in JUMPN. User takes JST staking out JET. JET is also minted our JUMPN NFT to open the blind box.
Q7. How can JUMPN detect cheating?
A: JUMPN app explains that we use motion sensors, GPS, and Machine Learning to detect cheating. More information can go through a whitepaper/anti-cheating system.
Q8. How can I get an activation code?
A: Before the official public launch of the JUMPN app, we will launch a secure private Beta version. Invitations for the secure private Beta version will be sent to all members who joined the JST presale. The public Beta version will be released two weeks after that. We will send out 300 activation codes to the top300 holders of the JST token. For more information, please follow our community.
Q9. What blockchain do I need to use?
A: JUMPN is only built on the BNB chain, so if you don't have BNB, please transfer to BNB and connect with JUMPN to play with the app.
Q10. Is it true that I jump will get to earn?
A: Yes, when you jump, you will earn JST, but you have to get JET first and use JET to get energy jump2earn. After your energy gets burned in the jump, you need to increase your energy to keep jump2earn your JST.